Welcome to Falco & Associates, P.C. We are a leading law practice in the Boston area specializing in Elder Law.

Elder Law is defined as the practice of law with a concentration in issues that affect senior citizens and their families. An Elder Law Attorney handles a range of issues that focus on the needs of the elderly, working with tools and techniques to meet specific goals and objectives.

How Can We Help You?

Is your loved one in a hospital or rehabilitation facility?

Do you or a family member need care at home, but you are worried about the cost?

Did you know that there are basic estate planning documents you need to have in place in the event you become unable to act for yourself due to physical or mental incapacity?

Are you aware that comprehensive planning is critical if you have a disabled spouse or special needs child, to protect the assets for your loved one's future security and to maximize his or her quality of life?

Do you have a loved one who has lost the capacity to make medical or financial decisions?

Did you recently lose a loved one, and you are unsure about the probate process?


Falco & Associates, P.C. is affiliated with Senior Resource Center, Inc., an ancillary financial overview and care management business.  www.helpingelders.com


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