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Welcome to Falco & Associates, P.C. We are a leading law practice in the Boston area that concentrates in Estate Planning and Elder Law.

Elder Law is defined as the practice of law with a concentration in issues that affect senior citizens and their families. An Elder Law Attorney handles a range of issues that focus on the needs of the elderly, working with tools and techniques to meet specific goals and objectives.

*How We Can Help You?*

Is your loved one in a hospital or rehabilitation facility?

Be aware that you need an advocate on your side, and we are available to help you through this overwhelming time.

  • You need to understand if your loved one has been “admitted” or is on “observation status” as this may affect whether skilled rehabilitation therapy will be covered after discharge. We can assist you to ensure appropriate coverage.
  • You may be unsure whether your loved one will be able to return safely to the community. Our team of elder law attorneys and case managers will work with you to make the best decision.
  • If your loved one will need long-term care in a nursing home setting, there are spousal protections to protect the marital home and other assets for the security of the spouse in the community.
  • There are also regulations that allow individuals to protect funds to supplement their nursing home care without resulting in a disqualification of MassHealth benefits.

We will do a comprehensive assessment of your specific situation and provide you with all your options.

Do you or a family member need care at home, but you are worried about the cost?

Be aware that there are various benefits and programs that help pay for care in the community.

  • With a married couple, the income and assets of the healthier spouse will not be counted, so we can protect all of the marital assets and obtain care benefits in most cases.
  • Even if you are not married, we can show you how to restructure your assets in order to qualify for the community care benefits.
  • With proper planning, we can protect assets for your future security and obtain Community MassHealth coverage for you.
  • By getting the care you need in your home now, you are less likely to fall or have another life-changing event that results in nursing home placement.

We will do a comprehensive assessment of your specifIc situation and provide you with all your options.

Did you know that there are basic estate planning documents you need to have in place in the event you become unable to act for yourself due to physical or mental incapacity?

Be aware that whether you are wealthy, barely getting by, or somewhere in the middle, you can’t afford not to have the basic documents in place in the event of an emergency (health care proxy, HIPPA release, durable power of attorney).

  • It is far more costly to seek the appointment of a guardian and conservator in an emergency if you don’t have basic estate planning documents such as Health Care Proxy and Durable Power of Attorney in place.
  • You can ensure your wishes are carried out through a Will or a Trust.
  • Depending on your goals and your situation, the plan we develop for you might focus on avoiding probate, minimizing taxes, protecting assets, or planning for a loved one with special needs.

Whatever your situation, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment and tailor an Estate Plan that is just right for you.

Are you aware that comprehensive planning is critical if you have a disabled spouse or special needs child, to protect the assets for your loved one's future security and to maximize his or her quality of life?
  • Special needs trusts (SNT’s) may be used to transfer assets to improve the quality of life of an elder or special needs child without disqualifying him or her from the public benefIts such as SSI or MassHealth.
  • SNT’s may be created as part of a comprehensive estate plan for a family member with special needs, or to minimize the loss of public benefits when a person with special needs receives an inheritance or a personal injury settlement or award.

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment and develop a plan that protects your loved ones.

Do you have a loved one who has lost the capacity to make medical or Financial decisions?
  • If your loved one has executed a comprehensive Health Care Proxy and Durable Power of Attorney, the named Agents should be able to make these decisions on behalf of your loved one.
  • If your loved one does not have these documents in place, we can assist you to seek appointment in the Probate Court as Guardian and/or Conservator of your loved one.
  • As Guardian, you would assist your loved one to make health and medical decisions, determine appropriate housing, hire in-home care or other services as appropriate, apply for any benefits that your loved one may be entitled to, etc.
  • As Conservator, you would assist your loved one to manage his or her assets and income, pay his or her bills, and ensure proper management of his or her estate.
  • There are some actions that Guardians and Conservators may not take until the Court grants specific approval (consenting to anti-psychotic medications, admitting to a long-term care facility, conveying real estate, for example).
We will do a comprehensive assessment of your specific situation to determine the best course of action.
Did you recently lose a loved one, and you are unsure about the probate process?
  • It can be an emotional and overwhelming time. While there are important deadlines that can be costly to miss, it is not even necessary to file for probate in many cases.
  • We will help you determine if you need to initiate probate for your loved one’s estate, and determine the most efficient probate based on your situation.
  • There are a few types of probate based on the value of the estate, whether there is real estate or not, whether the family is in agreement or if a dispute is expected, and other variables.
We will help you determine which form of probate is right for your situation, or if probate is needed at all.

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